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In July 2019 I was inspired to write a Christmas song About Santa, for my great granddaughters, Maya and Emmy. It was great fun and the inspiration to create even more of these music videos set me on a project that has continued throughout the past year.

My background is that I am the lyric writer and drummer for the 1970's Capitol Records rock band, BANG. We made our mark in the heyday of Seventies Rock . When it came to writing songs for children about Santa, my band mates had no desire to write music to my words, so I turned to public domain and royalty free music. I found great melodies, Images, photos, gifs, animations and all sorts of stuff I could use to create my About Santa vision. These were beautiful elements I could use for free or by paying a small fee. How great is that?

So I began to create songs, searching hundreds of sites on the net to find exactly the type of music, vivid graphics and animations to appeal to children. My About Santa lyrics tell traditional but unusual stories for kids about Christmas. I have always enjoyed being a storyteller from the time my own three children were little tykes to today, so this project has been perfect for me.

It became my quest as I worked eight to ten hours every day over the past year. I just had a drive to create something fun for The Kids! Now I have created 25 About Santa movies, with 25 matching 8-page lyric booklets. I designed the packaging, programmed the flash drive software and created this promotional web site. On the music end, I listened to hundreds of songs finding what I considered the best out there. I photo-shopped a thousand images and had the most creative year in my life.

I have had so much fun creating this About Santa Gift Set, because I just see kids singing and dancing to my videos. I also tried to make it a fun way to improve reading skills as they follow the words on the screen or by reading from the cute little 8-pageĀ  lyric booklet for each song. Can you see it? I sure can!

This is a gift to give before Christmas, so kids can get excited about Santa coming with toys. Won't you place your order now? The Kids and I thank you.

Tony Diorio

Tony Diorio
FTF Publishing - BMI